iXCopy Interactive XCopy

iXCopy Interactive XCopy

Xcopy command emulator that copies any set of files and folders in one go
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iXCopy Interactive XCOPY will take you back to the old DOS days when XCOPY was the command to copy more than one file at a time. This tool is nothing but a sophisticated GUI that allows you to use the good old XCOPY command and all its parameters in a more comfortable way.

Its one-window interface covers all the possibilities provided by the command’s parameters. Thus, it is divided into various sections –at first, you are asked to provide the source and target paths, with the possibility of either creating a new log file or appending data to an existing one. And then you can move to the “optional parameters” panel. Here is where you select which files will be copied (modified, new, pre-existing, or all files), if folders and subfolders (“directories” and “subdirectories” at the time) should be included or not, or if hidden, system, or program files are left out or not. There are also options for empty folders, allowing you to create them or to ignore them.

At the bottom of the window you will see a small box where the actual DOS command representing the choices you made will be shown, changing as you tick boxes on or off. Finally, this cute graphical user interface will give you some information about the time it took to perform the task and also if any errors were found.

I know that some will find it odd to go back to the XCOPY command when you can use your mouse today to copy and/or move files, folders, and subfolders just by dragging and dropping them, but those who really knew how to use it can show how XCOPY can do things in just one go that your mouse will never be able to. By the way, did I mention that this is a free tool?

Francisco Martínez
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  • GUI version of the Xcopy command with all its possible parameters
  • Offers you the command-line version of the configuration used


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